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    Natural Resources Australia

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    Due to situations out of our control our main facility caught fire on Saturday 11th of Feb. Fortunately no one was injured as the facility was empty.

    What this means is that we will not be producing any stock for a short period of time as we get back on our feet. Since Saturday we have already started to prepare a short time home for Natural Resources located at 16/1 Macquarie Drive.

    We have already been in contact with equipment suppliers and orders have been placed to reduce the impact for our valued customers. At this stage we are working day and night to get back to the great Soap & Candle Manufacture we are. 

    We appreciate all the support from our valued and loyal customer base and look forward to seeing and hearing from you all very soon. 

    We have an estimated timeline of 12-16 weeks prior to us being able to share the soap we love. Fortunately candles will be sooner.

    We will have our phone line back up in the next few days but will be reachable via email:

    or alternatively if the matter is urgent please call on the following:

    Steve 0419102672

    Once again we appreciate the support you have showed us and your committment to our family and business. 

    Natural Resources Australia is a family owned Contract Soap Manufacturer specialising in Natural French style triple milled certified sustainable Vegetable Soap Bars since 1995. Our family of soap makers continues a proud tradition of producing the world’s finest natural Pure Plant Oil Soaps.

    At Natural Resources we are dedicated artisan soap makers who use the latest in technology from around the world to produce the highest quality soap bars. We can produce small batch or large batches of high quality soap bars that are unique and innovative. By world standards we are a small, boutique manufacturer and this enables us to stay true to our original aims of making the best soap in all respects that we possibly can. This original aim has never been compromised.

    Natural Resources presently supplies Contract Manufacturing and ex stock lines for businesses to individuals, both locally and internationally. We can supply certified sustainable pure plant oil soap bars from stock. These are available in a wide range of colours and fragrances. All are fabulous.

    We have the ability to Contract Manufacture to your specifications and requirements. We have an extensive range of shapes, natural additives, fragrances and packaging options. Please refer to our Custom Manufacturing Page or contact ourselves directly.

    French Triple Milled Soap

    The triple milling process was developed by French soap makers in the 1700s and thus receives its alternate name, French milled soap.

    French milled soap is “triple milled” because the soap blend passes across the heavy duty stainless steel rollers a minimum of three times ahead of being moulded into the final bar shape that we are all so familiar with. This re-current milling of the soap blend crushes the soap, making it into an exceedingly fine and smooth paste, before being turned into the final product. The milling action ensures that the colours and additives are homogenously spread through the soap. The final result is a thick, durable, longer lasting bar of high quality Soap. This process also guarantees that the soap colours, fragrance and texture are evenly distributed and consistent throughout the soap bar, helping make it a pure natural soap, with no streaking even with heavy colouring.

    The triple milling process allows for soap that is completely uniform and smooth, without impurities, and is longer lasting than other types of soap.

    Natural Resources Australia
    Natural Resources Australia
    Natural Resources Australia
    Natural Resources Australia