About us

Bar Soap Manufacturing

At Natural Resources Australia we know what makes a great soap bar. We have manufacturing soap bars since 1995 are we are proud to be the contract manufacture of choice for many international and local Australian Brands that want to bring superior soap bar in their range. At Natural Resources we bring together latest soap bar manufacturing technology and manufacturing practices along with our experienced team to help turn brands vision into a beautiful, high quality finished product.

With over 20 year’s experience, we have lead the industry in innovation and sustainability, and natural soap bar development. All of our customers that we work with have their own unique requirements, formulation and we are flexible to work with your needs and concerns to deliver you the right product for you brand.

 How is soap made?

 Four Steps of Bar Soap Manufacturing:

  1. Batching
  1. Refining, homogenising and extrusion
  1. Cutting
  1. Pressing

Batching Stage

Each bar of soap starts at the batching stage. Our master Batch Makers are responsible for mixing ingredients according to our customers formulation specs. Soap noodle are weighed according to a batch sheet and dispensed into a large mixer. Any colours, titanium dioxide  and special additives are also added to the batch.

Refining and Extrusion Stage

All of our bar soaps pass through a process of triple milled, also known as French milled. Triple Milling of the soap homogenises and compacts all the ingredients into a ribbons of soap that give the soap bar greater lather and longer life.  After milling the ribbons  pass through the first refiner which is pushed through a mesh screen to further refine the base of any impurities. The soap passes through a vacuum chamber, which pulls air out of the soap to ensure that it is free of air pockets or streaks. In the final extrusion stage, a nose cone heats the outside of the soap slug to make it more pliable and perfect for pressing. An extrusion plate dictates the slug’s shape as it is prepared for the next stage.

Cutting Stage

Soap slugs are cut into a shape that will fit the selected die using a Savon Cut servo driven cutter with high degree of accuracy. Cut slugs are moved along on a conveyor belt as they prepare for the pressing stage.

Pressing Stage

Bar soaps that are made here are stamped on one of two Stampex soap presses.

A Stampex press compresses two portions of a soap die together, resulting in excess soap being squeezed out through a parting line around the perimeter of the bar. The unique feature of the press is the double stamp action from the intern gears of the soap press giving greater detail to the embossed images and shape of the soap bar.  All Stampex pressed bars have parting lines, but they can be a high- or mid-parting line, depending on the die used and the desired final result. Stampex presses are highly efficient as excess soap is recycled into the soap extruder and is easily reused to make more bars.

Production information

 All of Natural Resources soap base are sourced from Certified Sustainable suppliers and of the highest quality material that offers superior lather and moisturising prosperities.

 Production Bars sizes from 50g – 500g

 Minimum Order Quantity: 600kg per type

 Product Shape: Rough Cut, Rough cut emboss, Pressed. 

Packaging Options

Natural Resources Australia offers a wide selection of packaging options including:

  • Bulk Pack
  • Labelling
  • Batch Coding
  • Cartoning
  • Shrink wrap
  • Paper wrap
  • Stretch wrap

Please contact the team at Natural Resources Australia for further information.