French Pear Candle


The delicate aroma of a rich, perfect Pear. Blended with a hint of Cinnamon and sweet, Wile Berries. A delicious fragrance.

French Pear Soy Candle

If you’ve been searching for a natural candle with a delightfully sweet fragrance, look no further than the French pear soy candle available from Natural Resources Australia. Boasting a 50 hour burn time with a natural cotton wick, this soy wax candle is imbued with a lovely French pear candle fragrance as well as a hint of cinnamon and sweet berries. Each candle also comes in an attractive glass jar that looks at home in any space.

Whether you’re looking to buy a French pear cedarwood candle for home use or you want a fantastic wholesale natural product to sell to customers, place your order online with Natural Resources Australia today.

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